Sunshine Act Meeting Notice

Time and date:

2 p.m., Wednesday, March 10, 2004.


Federal Trade Commission Building, Room 532, 600 Pennsylvania Avenue, NW., Washington, DC 20580.


Part of this meeting will be open to the public. The rest of the meeting will be closed to the public.

Matters to be considered:

Portion Open to Public: (1) Oral Argument in the matter of Union Oil Company of California, Docket 9305.

Portion Closed to the Public:(2) Executive Session to follow Oral Argument in Union Oil Company of California, Docket 9305.

For further information contact:

Mitch Katz.

Office of Public Affairs:(202) 326-2180.

Recorded Message:(202) 326-2711.

Donald S. Clark,

Secretary, (202) 326-2514.

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